Hi there!

We are Elli & Sabrina, and we are the co-founders of Limore 🍋!

Elli and me

We celebrate life by traveling around the 🌍, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures ( especially food 😁).

By doing so, we started connecting with the local artisans, artists & shop owners and hearing the story behind the products they create and sell.

They have a piece of their culture, of their creativity, and craftsmanship. They are made with passion and love.

And that's where our story starts.

After I started bringing home some of these unique products and seeing how they captured the attention of my friends & family during dinners or gatherings, and how much they enjoyed the stories behind them, I also started buying and bringing some of these stories to them.

They were so happy that every time I was at their place with someone else, they would mention where I brought the product from and who made it.

But what I also realized is that most of the artists and shop owners behind these products were men.

And that's when I started focusing more on trying to find women telling their stories and expressing themselves through the products they create.

Unfortunately, these are not so easy to find, and that's when Limore came to my mind.

I wanted to build a curated shop for unique products made by women artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

Without further due, welcome to Limore!

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoy the stories of the people behind the products I buy.