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Trivet "Azulejo"


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Bring the authentic Portuguese style to your table

Trivets don't have to be boring. Colour up your dining table with our tableware collection "Azulejo". Natural and heat-resistant, the "Azulejo" trivets are perfect to protect table surfaces and present your dishes with the authentic and colourful Portuguese style, inspired by the streets and houses of Lisbon.

Easy to clean, the "Azulejo" trivets are made of cork harvested naturally every nine years in Portugal without harming the cork oak tree. Cork oak forests provide home and shelter to many endangered species of animals, birds, and plants in Portugal.

Step up your hosting game with these unique eye-catchers. Your guests and the environment will love it!


Big:250x250x10 mm (comes in a set of 2)

Small:190x190x10 mm (comes in a set of 3)

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