Terrazzo: The '90 trend is back. Find out why in this note!

Terrazzo: The '90 trend is back. Find out why in this note!

Terrazzo may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a contemporary design trend, but not so fast.

 It’s one of those design trends that you’ve always known by look, but perhaps never by name! Remember that speckled flooring you see in some hotel lobbies, restaurants, airports and corporate buildings – does it ring any bells? 

Photo: Jean Philippe Delberghe/ Courtesy of unsplash

That’s ‘terrazzo floor’, a water-repellent indoor and outdoor flooring material that’s been around for decades, mainly associated with commercial settings that get a lot of foot traffic. This old standby style has been given new life by recent interior trends and is not a major must-have for stylish homes with a little retro flair!

Another typical example of Terrazzo can be seen in the Hollywood walk of fame!

Yet not sure what exactly is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite material usually made from chips of marble, glass or stone that have been set into cement or resin, which is then polished for an ultra-smooth finish.

It originated in Italy thousands of years ago as a way to reuse scrap rock and other materials, which shows the Italians were well ahead of their time when it comes to developing sustainable materials.

Why terrazzo is perfect to decor your home?

Thanks to it's verasatility, it can bring color and become an eye-catcher in any part of the house. You can use it on walls, countertops, benches, shelves, tables and bathroom accessories.

 Is perfect for the people hungry for more playfulness in their interiors. “It’s like confetti for adults" says Sabrina, foundrer of Limore shop.

Selection of natural terrazzo decor. Limore.

“I think terrazzo is so popular because of its versatility – you can make a statement with chunky jewel-toned terrazzo floors or go for a more subtle colour contrast and smaller chips to add texture to small surface areas like a bathroom vanity,”  says Julia, a Limore customer. 

“It’s also extremely durable, so it’s great for high-traffic areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms, where you’re likely to get wear-and-tear.”

The Limore and Ana Barroso Collection:

Inspired by it, we partnered with a portuguese artist called Ana Barroso with the purpose of giving everyone the possibility to bring life and color to their house using this amazing style. 

Our terrazzo accessories are handmade with 100% natural materials like sand, shells and stones.

All materials are collected from Portuguese beaches by Ana, the talented artist behind these unique pieces.

The shells are crushed by hand and mixed with sand and natural colours to create this one of a kind terrazzo decor. 

A modern and sustainable take on the iconic 90s Terrazzo Style. 

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