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The magic features of cork

So, you just heard about cork products, and you are curious about how sustainable and durable it is? Great! In this blog post you will find all your answers.

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world and also one of the most durable materials, did you know that you can recycle cork endlessly? yeah, that's how durable cork is.

How does the peel of a tree transforms in a durable and beautiful piece in your kitchen?

After the oak is uncorked, i.e., the cork is harvest, it is dried for six months, boiled and stemmed to give it the elasticity that we know in the final products. After this, the cork is pressure with the help of heat in blocks and then sliced in the shape that we need to create our final product. And that's a wrap! Did you notice that none chemical product is used in the process? Another great news for you and the planet, cork manufacturing process is totally chemical-free.

This process insures that the qualities of the raw cork are untouched.

Why is cork so unique?

Eco-friendly and endlessly recyclable

The harvest doesn't harm the tree, on the contrary, it helps the tree to develop. 

Water- and dirt-resistant

Cork is the perfect material to use outside or in your kitchen. Cork has a natural wax that protects and repels the water or dirt. It was also ages without deteriorating since is also resistant to moist. 


Did you know that 50% of it's volume is air? :) This is such an amazing product! Even if it's super-resistant, because of it's composition, cork pieces are ultra-light, easy to carry and to place. This is also why even NASA uses cork in its spaceships.

Heat and cold resistant

Cork is fire retardant, which means it's extremely resistant to heat, isolating the temperature from other surfaces. But guess what? Cold is also not a challenge for our favorite material. This is why cork product are perfect to use in the kitchen, table or even outside.

Wear resistant 

If you are still wondering if cork will last if you use it frequently, let us assure you: it last a lifetime!  Cork has a honeycomb structure that makes it resistant to abrasion and friction. Didi we mentioned that there is NASA uses cork in their spaceships :D, and it's from Portuguese oaks in Alentejo, like our products.


Cork is also used as floors for example, because it has a very soft touch and it has a comfortable touch, being a bit bouncy and soft to the touch. You can be sure cork products will not scratch any surface or damage any other product.


Even if the quality of cork is usually compared to leather, cork is 100% vegan and harmless to the planet or the trees.

Low maintenance and nicely aging

This super-material is water-repellent, scratch-proof, stain resistant and very low maintenance. To keep your products as good as new, just clean them with a wet wipe or simply with soap and water. Your cork products will age, like any other natural product, but it will do it with character, keeping the charm of its uniqueness and will last many years.

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